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Top Notch Claim, North Cady Mountains: Fluorite, Agates and more. Saturday, April 21st, 2018

This is a location that never fails to please. There are collecting areas for fluorite, many colors of agate, Sagenite, nodules and so much more. This is an advanced 4 wheel drive out to the site. All vehicles going must be high clearance 4 wheel or all-wheel drive. Every vehicle needs to have a full size spare (or two). Everyone should bring extra water and make sure to fill your gas tank before you leave Barstow. For those who want to go and do not have 4 wheel drive, many try to team up with people who do have 4 wheel drive at our gathering site. Click Here for Info


Bear River Campground, Colfax, CA: May 13 thru May 23, 2018

Private group campground will be available for rockhounds, goldhounds, petrified wood hounds from May 13th thru May 23rd.

Bring your tent, RV, or trailer. Camping on river bank and keep all you find. Bear River Campground is located on Highway 80 east of Sacramento, CA at 2500 Campground Rd, Colfax, CA. City of Colfax is 10 minutes from campground with food market, fuel, motel, hot food, cold drinks, pizza, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Hardware Store, and etc...

Contact SARM Club Member, Victor Wolf 714-423-1149 for details.

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